January 29, 2009

Garlic Rub

This was very simple and very good. The steaks were good even without steak sauce. Usually I have to have steak sauce but in this case (we had run out) and I was still able to eat it all! I marinated mine for about 4 hours. Stuck it in right before church. I also broiled the steaks because it is winter and didn't really want to go outside to grill them. However by the time I was done, the house was full of smoke, the smoke alarms were going off, and my kids were crying because it was so loud. But don't worry it wasn't the steaks that were burning. Only the juices from bottom of the broiler pan. After that, I was thinking maybe it wouldn't have been that bad to grill them outside in the cold. Very good flavor! I found this recipe on www.sisterscafe.blogspot.com

Garlic Rub

1-2 tsp olive oil
1 tsp kosher or regular salt
1 tsp coarsely ground pepper
2 garlic cloves, crushed with a press

Mix together and spoon over steaks, turn over and spoon over the other side. Let marinate for 30 minutes to an hour or more. Grill, Yum!

January 27, 2009

Sticky Sweet Grilled Salmon

This is a recipe that I got from recipezaar.com.  We did salmon and chicken and they were both great.  We also used our George Foreman grill to cook the meat.  I did brush the salmon with a little olive oil but then seasoned them with Lemon Herb spice. 

3/4 cup honey

1/3 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup brown sugar, packed

1/4 cup pineapple juice

1 lemon, juice of (ab 2 tablespoons)

2 Tbsp white distilled vinegar

2 Tps olive oil

1 Tps ground black pepper

1/2 Tps cayenne pepper

1/2 Tps paprika

1/4 Tps garlic powder

4 (8 ounce)

salmon fillets (without skin) or chicken

Make the sauce by combining all in a medium saucepan over medium/low heat

Stir occasionally until sauce begins to boil, then simmer uncovered for 15 minutes or until syrupy

Watch the sauce closely to be sure it doesn't bubble over

Preheat barbecue grill to medium heat

Rub each salmon filet with vegetable oil, then add a light sprinkling of salt and pepper or other seasoning to your taste.

Grill the salmon for 4 to 7 minutes per side or until done

Serve salmon with a small cup of the sauce on the side.

Vanilla Rich Chip Cake

My oldest son made this cake for the FHE treat.  We've made it before and everyone LOVES it.  It's very moist and you really don't need the glaze if you don't want it.  We also make other variations of this cake. Double chocolate (use chocolate cake and chocolate pudding and no vanilla extract, or glaze), Lemon poppyseed (Use lemon cake and lemon pudding, no chocolate chips or glaze, and in place of vanilla add poppy seeds)  The double chocolate one is our absolute favorite!

1 pkg. yellow cake mix
1 pkg 3 1/2 oz instant vanilla pudding 
1 C sour cream
1/2 C each oil and water
4 eggs
1 Tbl pure vanilla extract
1 C mini chocolate chips

1. beat all ingredients except chips in mixer. 
2. stir in chocolate chips.  Pour into greased and floured 12 C bundt pan.
3. bake in 350 degree oven for 50 min. or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.  Cook in pan for 10 min. Invert cake onto wire rack.  Cook completely and then drizzle glaze over top if you like.

*glaze: 3 Tbl melter butter, 2 1/4 C powdered sugar, 3 Tbl water and 1 tsp vanilla extract.  mix together until smooth.  Let stand until thickened.

Apple Sandwiches

My two daughters found this recipe in the February issue of "The Friend" magazine.  I personally thought it sounded a little gross, but they were determined to try it.  My oldest daughter and I thought they were pretty good, but my youngest thought they were amazing and wants to have them everyday.  These sandwiches are a great way for your kids to get almost every food group in, especially if you serve them with a big glass of cold milk.  feel free to leave out the raisins or sub in another dried fruit.

1 Apple
2 Tbl peanut butter
1 Tbl honey
2 Tbl raisins
6 slices bread

1. peel and grate the apple.
2. In a bowl, stir the peanut butter, honey, raisins and grated apple together.
3. Toast the bread.
4. spread the apple mixture between two pieces of toast and enjoy.  Makes three sandwiches.